11146109_10206562098233160_6960169092467036778_nGames and Gears will be sponsoring the painting at this years event so if you like painting or a painter and your coming to the Welsh masters then this is for you there will be a painting competition for:
30mm base
40mm base
50mm base
120mm base

And this year we will be doing the best unit, Battle group ( the battle box ) and the best painted army



    1. All model must be from priveteer press
    2. models to be based
    3. models to have at least 4 colours
    4. to be on they right size base
    5. to be painted by you
    6. The model’s don’t have to be used on the weekend (except the best army )

I like to say a big thanks to Sam Sedghi and the team at Games & Gears