Hi, I’m Barry!

Many of you will recognise me as one of the judges of several UK events including some small local events in Stafford. I grew up just outside Stafford looking longingly at Warhammer 40k, and the Lord of the Rings Strategy Game in shops and quickly realising I had no friends who would play these with me! I ended up settling on building scale models of tanks and planes. Several years later and a friend introduced me to Magic The Gathering. I went into Magic pretty deep, and the more I played the more I found that I loved the complex but easily resolved rules of Magic.

A few years after this I finished university and settled into a job in Stafford. This is where a good friend introduced me to Warmachine, it had everything I loved of Magic in the tight ruleset, and everything I loved of scale models in painting small things. I started just as Mark2 ended, I played probably 5 games of Mark 2 all of which I’m sure I lost! As Mark 3 came out I attempted to get very good at the game, or at least competitive locally, which after a few months became apparent that I neither had the time or mental space for.

Following this our club decided it wanted to run more warmachine tournaments and in the absence of a Pressganger I stepped up to run an event, since then I’ve run probably 90% of our local events in the last two years, and developed rules knowledge to give the best possible answers at events.

After this I was put forward as a replacement for a friend who couldn’t make Smogcon to help judge and make the event run smoothly, this led to possibly the most intense, draining, and probably the highlight of my Warmachine life. I turn up on the day to set up and help out. It’s just me and Enos, who is feeling terrifically unwell and also has to run a Bushido event simultaneously, also, we had no laptop. I managed and (I think) successfully ran a 64 man masters and 28 man steamroller, by hand, pretty much on my own, and it was pretty successful!

Since then I’ve been helping at all sorts of big events like; UK Nationals, Warmachine Weekender, Blood and Oil, Welsh Masters, and WTC 2019. If you manage to catch me playing, you’ll find me piloting Trolls, Cygnar, or Skorne, usually something uncompetitive but I’ll be having a great time playing it! If you ever want to ask me anything you can grab me on Messenger, Facebook, or at jonwill2011@live.co.uk