Hi everyone.

I know a lot of you may already know me from various tournaments but there will be some people that don’t. Hopefully this will give everyone a better insight into my gaming history and in particular my time playing Warmachine.

I started gaming about 25 years ago, with 2nd edition 40k. Since then I’ve played a variety of games from multiple games companies and have been chairman of my local gaming club for several years. I began playing Warmachine shortly before the release of the first battle engines. My main faction is Trollboods but I have had brief excursions into Cygnar and Convergance. Tournaments have been a big part of my enjoyment playing Warmachine and I’ve attended multiple masters tournaments in the UK. These have included UK Nationals, Welsh Masters and Blood and Oil.

I have also been lucky enough to attend several international tournaments and conventions including the WTC, Lock and Load, Irish Masters and Clogcon. During this I have always tried to be a good opponent and play as cleanly as possible. In addition to this I have TO’d multiple Steamroller and Masters style tournaments along with Journeyman leagues. This has given me the experience of fielding questions from people playing there first game through to those with more experience than myself.

Any questions email me @ byronliles@hotmail.com