This years swag we have some more nice Welsh Dice, red for attendees and gold for fully painted. We also have some amazing feat tokens from Elementary 3D

Every year the prize support for the Welsh Masters is fantastic but Martyn and the team never rest on their laurels, they’re always pushing to raise the bar and give back more and more.

The concept for the feat tokens started at last year’s WTC when we were brainstorming ideas for a unique item that could go in the players’ welcome packs. The brief was to produce something “more than just another widget” that the attendees would find useful while also being a memento of what’s sure to be an epic weekend of gaming. We’re thrilled with how they’ve come out; we recently added the capability to print with multiple materials and that has really allowed us to bring the iconic Welsh Masters logo to life.

Elementary 3D offer a bespoke 3D-printing service, with experience designing and printing full custom trophies, medals, bases and more. If you’re planning an event and are interested in custom prize support or just have a cool idea for a way to 3D printing could enhance your hobby get in touch! You can find us on Facebook at or at