For an epic event like the Welsh masters, you need epic level prizes and this one is sure not to disappoint! This years winner will walk away with this amazing trophy which any gamer would be proud to display in their home!

Behold the Welsh Dragon in all its glory

The guys at Whitefoot3D have worked with us to create what we hope you will agree are fantastic trophies for you guys and something you would be very proud to have in your home.

Designing and 3D printing the trophies for the Welsh Masters in Cardiff has been a pleasure. It is easily one of the most impressive trophies we have produced (so far!), and we can’t wait to see the happy recipients holding them high!

The trophy features a menacing dragon peering over a shield bearing the logo of the Welsh Masters. Numerous smaller versions of the trophy carry the emblem of each Warmachine and Hordes army for the best in faction award. Martyn Jenkins has provided the trophies with a fantastic paint job, giving them even more character. You can be sure that everyone will be playing ruthlessly to win one of these beauties.

Whitefoot3D designs and 3D prints all manner of wargaming items from trophies to tokens, providing “unparalleled service and exquisite workmanship”.

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