Welsh Masters 2016

The Welsh Master 2016, held 13th to 15th of May 2016 at Firestorm game sin Cardiff. One of the largest Warmachine events in the UK. The event is now sold out!

Sold Out

More than Masters

Not only does the event offer two epic days of Masters action, but on the Friday we have some fun inspired events and a Guildball tournament!

Are you ready!

On site facilities

Firestorm Games have amazing facilities on site, including a full bar, serving drinks and food. Even less reason to stop your gaming!

Masters shirts

Get the fantastic Welsh Masters crest on T shirts, polo shirts or hoddies – more info

Prize Support

We have some amazing prize support lined up for this year, from KR cases to fantastic best in faction artwork, this year is even better than ever- full details

About the Welsh Masters

11050842_10153354723834516_5808086042204828596_n7 year ago I had a vision to build a great tournament in wales, which would allow players to get the last minute practice for what was the uk masters. Thus the Welsh open was born.

We started with 24 players in year one with Mike Davies (Welsh) taking the top honours. In year 2 we saw 46 players  and we started to roll with some big names  coming back to wales to de-throne mike, with one big name of that time, the king of the north Jamie Perkins(English) won it in year 2.

Year 3 we grew again to 64 players selling out in just 2 hours  with all eyes on Jamie, but it was time for the new kids on the block to show what they had with Matt Oakley(English) taking top spot.

Year 4 we sell out in 45 mines and we was started to make this event one of the best in the uk with a lot more players trying  to get in on the ticket rush. We had all 3 previous winners there, would one of them  retain it ? or would it be a new player  who stepped up. A fresh player Paul Watson(English) took the gold.

Year 5 was going to be the biggest so far, in the end we got 78 players and it was as full as it could get there, with more players enjoying the big event  yet again we see a new winner on this 5 year anniversary Lewis Johnson (English), with the 5 years up it was time to think what to do with this grand event, so we were thinking to make this big, like 128 players big, with firestorm  games moving venue this was possible to do and with us being asked to make this a masters this year.

We saw the name change from the welsh open to the welsh masters  with 128 players this is now  the 2nd biggest one man event in the uk and my mind could go from small to where the hell we going to stop (lol), it was full and for the first time we had some players from France we had hit the eu ,with Lewis falling off the wagon in a night in Cardiff and having to pull from the event, looks like we might get a new winner again  and we did with Matt Goligher  who took the Welsh Masters  that takes us to this year, year 7 and we are bigger again and we are bringing more players in for more fun, there are players from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, and France so far.

Could Matt be the one to do it 2 years in a row or will we have a new winner in May 14-15 2016

Firestorm Games

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